Ink-A-Pet is a small business run by a 10 year old named Calvin with the help of his parents (and sometimes his siblings). Calvin loves fountain pens, 3D printing, and animals.

Calvin's first product was the Sleeping Cat design, but sized to hold his fountain pen. His dad posted it on the Pen Addict Slack group and a friend suggested sizing it to hold an ink vial. A couple of tweaks later and the first Ink-A-Pet was born.

In addition to other favorite animals, Calvin's inspiration comes from his two cats: Rachmeowninoff and Tchaicatsky.

Rachmeowninoff & Tchaicatsky

Rachmeowninoff (Rocky) is a silver tabby and Tchaicatsky (Chai) is a lynx point. They are Siberian siblings that joined the family in early 2020.