Calvin has added the option to attach microsuction strips to your Ink-A-Pet vial holders to keep your ink even safer. The strip's microscopic air pockets bond to any smooth, flat, clean surface without leaving any kind of sticky residue.  To release the microsuction from a surface, you simply pull or twist the object to break the vacuum bond.

Over time, the microsuction tape can accumulare dust from surfaces reducing it's bonding power. To clean, wipe with a damp cloth. Tape can also be used. If tape is pressed over the entire microsuction strip, it will be very hard to remove and it can damage the suction cups. Wrap tape around a pencil or small cylinder. Starting in the middle of the strip, roll the tape out towards the edges of the strip.

To Apply

1.) Pull the white backing off to expose the adhesive. 

2.) Press the adhesive side to the bottom of your Ink-A-Pet. The recommended placement is shown below.

3.) Use the orange strip to peel off the clear protective sheet.

Vial holder microsuction strip placement


The pen rest comes with microsuction tape applied by default. To use, the clear protective sheet will need to be removed.

Pen Rest Microsuction Tape