Little Penguin Vial Holder

$1.00 - $7.00

Little Penguin may not be the fastest and most agile on land but is the epitome of grace in the water! While it doesn't require navigating antarctic currents, Little Penguin still excels at effortlessly controlling your ink vials--keeping the liquid where it belongs. Little Penguin is the newest addition to the Ink-A-Pet family and can't wait to hop up onto your shores and help keep your desk safe!

Pirate Accessories:
While not on duty preventing spills, Little Penguin roams the seven seas looking for treasure. With proper pirate accessories, you can make sure Little Penguin has everything needed to conquer the high seas!

Microsuction Strips:
An optional add on to give your Ink-A-Pet even more security while preventing spills. Included are two small strips of microsuction tape that can be applied to the bottom of any Ink-A-Pet.

Choose "Microsuction Strips - Only" to save on shipping if you are only ordering the strips. Otherwise, please select "Microsuction Strips - Add On" to avoid extra shipping charges.

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